Life is full of ups and downs, and depending on what you’re dealing with, a reverse mortgage can fill your need for income. Available to homeowners 62 years and older, this mortgage transforms part a home’s equity into cash and can provide crucial liquidity. At the Home Financing Center, we help people Coral Gables, Miami, and anywhere in Florida navigate real estate finances, including reverse mortgages.

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As a significant financial strategy, a reverse mortgage must be done right. Otherwise, it can make a situation that much more difficult. Many people choose reverse mortgages because their lenders pay them instead of the other way around. Having cash that can be used on anything from vehicle purchases to retirement expenses can make a huge difference. The key is making sure the reverse mortgage will work for you. The Home Financing Center team has customized reverse mortgages to people for more than three decades, and we’ll bring every bit of our experience to the table for you.

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