Thanks to more than three decades of hard work in the mortgage sector, Home Financing Center had the chance to provide affordable housing and workforce housing services to business owners and their employees in Coral Gables and beyond. By helping companies provide convenient housing for their employees, we improve life for both parties. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, get in touch to learn more about the workforce housing advantages we can offer you!

How Affordable Housing Can Serve Your Business

Employee benefits play a major role in making your company profitable, and the Home Financing Center team is here to customize workforce housing to you. We want to help you meet your employees’ housing needs and avoid productivity problems and high turnover rates. Thanks to our expertise, you’ll discover that this major benefit can be sustainable for your company.

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If you’ve never considered employer-assisted housing before, it’s worth your time. Workforce housing can revitalize neighborhoods while giving your employees a chance at homeownership — and studies show that employees who own homes work harder and longer than those who do not. Contact Home Financing Center to learn more!